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Summer Internship 2017

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” – Steve Jobs.

Everyone needs a little inspiration throughout their career. Inspiration is what keeps us motivated and passionate about what we do.


Internship is one of the keys for understanding more deeply the concepts learned from formal education by going through practical practices adapted by industries.


Internships are designed to provide an opportunity for students to interact with real world problems and implement any taught procedures and/or activities.


In order to provide students with the necessary professional skills, we has identified the need for practical interaction for the students of today who would graduate to be the workforce of tomorrow.


During your internship, you’re bound to experience some highs and lows. There will be times when you question everything you’ve learned so far and then there will be times when you feel on top of the world.

Wherever you are in your internship, it’s important to stay inspired. Whether it’s your goal to learn something new or share your ideas with your managers, find inspiration that can help you stay motivated during your internship.


If you’re searching for inspirational internships to keep you going towards your career goal, you’ll

be welcomed to apply with us to stay motivated and excited!


ProService tends to deliver inspirational internships programs for Engineering undergraduates;

and keep them active in our future hiring plans.



o Taking benefit from integration between theoretical sessions and practical application.

o New challenge to learn, improve and develop new sets of skills.



Internship will start on 16th July 2017 and continued till 31st August 2017.



The training will be divided into two majors:

o Academic sessions to cover the design parts.

o Practical training under supervision of PS Engineers in the Tendering/ Technical Office/ Planning/ Execution/ Maintenance/ Sales and Business Development Departments in all PS







ACADEMIC TRAINING OUTLINE: o Primavera Project Management. o Soft Skills Training.

o AutoCAD Drafting.

o Mechanical Specialized Training:

1-    HVAC System.

2-    Plumbing System.

3-    Firefighting System.


o Electrical Specialized Training:

1-  Electrical power (distribution electrical systems).

2-  HVAC control.

3-  Light current systems.



o Students shall be treated as on the job interns, whereby specific tasks shall be assigned to them as appropriate to their level of knowledge as indicated in the training profile.

o It is the sole responsibility of students to seek knowledge and understand all matters underpinning their assigned tasks.

o Students shall be allocated proper training venues as a result of our training modules.

o Students shall present individual/ group assignments and final project at the end of the internship programs.



o Students shall prepare a technical report at the end of their internship program, summarizing all the works and/or tasks performed and analyzed during the internship.

o The report shall include copies of original project documents and drawings where possible.

o A power point/ Prezi presentation summarizing all performed work and activities, supported by photos and pictures of the actual industrial facility and/or simulations of work done at the technical office, is also required.

o Students shall present their reports and conduct their presentations, in front of Proservice panel.

o Students shall be ready to respond to any requests for clarifications and/or questions raised by the examining panel.

o Summer internships are Pass/Fail modules, and carry no credit weight; however, students will not graduate and attain their degrees without successfully satisfying the examining committee of their level of effort and amount of attained technical and/or practical skills and information during their internship positions.