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Electrical, HVAC, Compressed air system, Fire Fighting, Plumbing for DAIHATSU Misr -

Service Center - Service Center Abou Rawash.

Consultant : Modern Engineering Group ' Eng. Mustafa Ibrahim".


Total area :  25,261 m2

No. of Floor : 2

Total  Serviced area : 28,000 m2

Transfomer : 500 KVA

Generators : 150 KVA 


Daihatsu Service Center 


Daihatsu is the second vehicle service centre for ProService to execute. This service centre serving both

small and heavy vehicles (HINO) got its technical challenges in being a fast track and sophisticated project

services. The project also contains a compressed air equipment including the air cooled oil-injected rotary

screw air compressor with working pressure of 10 Bars and 1000 liters tank capacity and a dryer capacity

of 9 m3/min. ProService scope covers all the MEP services for all the project landscape , service facilities

and workshops and stores as well as the administration and customers' welfare fac ilities.