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MEP Work for Mr. Mohamed Abdelkarim AI Emadi Palace

Client : Mr. Mohamed Abdelkarim Al-Emadi; Chairman - Emadi Enterprises

Consultant : Qatari Home

Start Date : December 2009

End Date :  September 2010


Mr. Mohamed Abd elkarim A1 ·Emadi Luxuries Palace is a (B+G+ 1 +P) buHding located at Nauija district in

Doha, Qatar, wiltl a tolal Built·Up Area 8,000 ml with a high quality specifications for Itle MEP work and


Scope of work is including:


• HVAC System which is OX Package Unit system.

• Plumbing & Orainage system.

• External Swimming Pool & its equipment .

• Electrical systems which are including substaUon, power network, light current network.

• Home Automation System.