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Indoor Air Quality Management

Indoor Air Quality ManagementAir duct cleaning.

We shall be responsible for the removal of visible surface contaminants and deposits from within the HVAC system .The HVAC system includes any interior surface of the facility’s air distribution system.This includes the entire HVAC sys-tem from the points where the air enters the system to the points where the air is discharged from the system..The return air grilles, return air ducts to the air handling unit (AHU), the interior surfaces of theAHU, mixing box, coil compart-ment, condensate drain pans, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, supply air ducts, fans, fan housing, fan blades, air wash systems, spray eliminators, turning vanes, filters, filter housings, reheat coils, supply diffusers, exhaust and ventilation components are all considered part of the HVAC system.

  • Air duct disinfection .
  • Air coils cleaning.
  • Air coils disinfection.
  • Air handling systems cleaning.
  • Air handling systems disinfection