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Proservice Managment

Name:   Yousef Ahmed Borhan

Designation:  ProService, Managing Director



Before starting his own company, Yousef has worked extensively to date with electro-mechanical international organizations (on the contractor side) and has experience in major landmark projects in Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq and Egypt.

His fields of experiences cover: Supply, installation, operation, and facility maintenance management of a large number of prestigious electro-mechanical and industrial, petrochemical, and commercial projects in Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq and Egypt.

Specialties: HVAC (Heating,

Ventilation and Air-Conditioning)/MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) / BSEM (Electrical & Mechanical Building Services) / FMM (Facility Maintenance Management /BMS (Building Management Systems)

Name:            Sherif Ahmed Nowier

Designation:   TAB, Managing Director


Sherif started his career in the army and later moved to Kuwait where he spent about 17 years in Al-Ghanim group, he moved up the ranks and was in charge of the maintenance operations. Throughout his career Sherif grew an interest in finance. The managerial positions together with continuing education prepared him for the financial management of ProService. Today, Sherif is a board member in ProService, and the managing director at TAB (Testing & Balancing), a sister company, he also manages the Trading activities of ProService. 


Electromechanical service-trading /

Financial management / Marketing and Sales / Management